Internal Balancer

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The Internal Balancer is a preferred choice by many European grinding machine builders. This balancer type is designed to fit inside the grinding spindle, in a bore supplied by the machine builder. The balance weights are located under the wheel, eliminating any possible lateral coupled forces on the spindle.

Placement of the Balancer inside the spindle minimizes possible interferences between the Balancer and other machine components.

The SBS Internal Balancers feature a balance compensation range of 100 – 7,000 g•cm or larger and can operate from 300 – 13,000 RPM.


Internal Balancers use internal motors and precision gear trains to position two balance weights inside the unit, to compensate for imbalance in the spinning wheel/ spindle assembly. Power transfer systems are identical to external balancers, either long life rotary slip ring, or non-contact systems are available

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