Mission and Vision


Unbalanced rotating equipment causes vibration, loss of accuracy, excessive mechanical wear and increased running costs. To overcome these problems, Accretech SBS provides advanced dynamic balancing solutions – enabling customers to optimize their grinding processes and equipment for maximum precision, productivity. cost-effectiveness and safety.

Our Technology

The SBS systems consist of a computer control unit, a vibration sensor, a spindle-mounting adapter and a balance head (in either internal or external configurations). Sensors attached to the grinding machine measure the imbalance and transmit this signal to the control unit. This controller adjusts the position of counterweights inside the balance head to quickly and dynamically eliminate the vibration of the machine. The SBS system constantly monitors and compensates for changes in the grinding system behavior.

The SBS AEMS (Acoustical Emission Monitoring System) allows our customers to monitor their grinding process with exceptional precision.  Also known as gap and crash control or gap/crash, the AEMS product uses proprietary acoustic technology to monitor the very high frequency signals generated on the grinding machine structure during key events in the grinding process.

Our Markets

SBS systems are sold to machine tool manufacturers (OEMs), machine tool rebuilders and grinding machine users throughout the world. Accretech SBS precision balancing systems are used by many of the world’s leading automotive, aerospace, steel, bearing, and machined parts manufacturers and in other industries where manufacturing tolerances are especially precise.

Our Advantages

SBS products help operators improve part quality and save money. They are also known for their high quality and reliable performance in very demanding environments. SBS service is world class with offices in three continents.

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