Intelligent Visualization Software (IVIS)

IVIS is the software for the SB-55xx device family. IVIS offers an easy and initiative operation without much training. The operation is thematically divided into two areas: balancing and process monitoring. It can be switched quick an easily between these areas. In each operating area, the settings are quickly accessible at any time.


  • IVIS doesn’t need to be installed (no setup, no windows registry data)
  • Multiple IVIS instances can be connected to one device at the same time
  • Supports all SB-55xx balancing cards, up to four AEMS cards and one ExactControl card
  • Supports all features of the ExactControl card: Display of up to two channels and four instances simultaneously
  • Offline display of ExactControl PCT files
  • MiniView mode for process visualization
  • Access rights
  • Supports non-European character sets
  • Operation via 8 softkeys / F-keys or touch
  • Integrated help


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