The SB-1000 is an easy to use, compact dynamic balancing system that provides full functionality, including both an automatic and a manual balancing mode, at an entry-level price. This single machine control provides exceptional accuracy, capable of balancing to a tolerance as low as 0.02 microns peak-to-peak displacement over a spindle range of 300 to 30,000 RPM.

With its digital design and intuitive icon-driven user interface, the SB-1000 is simple to install on existing equipment and can be easily integrated through the grinding machine CNC/PLC hardwire interface.

The SB-1000’s Manual Balance mode not only provides the most economical manual balancing solutions, it also provides real-time display of vibration and RPM levels. Operators can set alert and alarm thresholds through the CNC/PLC interface.

Operators can also utilize the Automatic Balance mode with the addition of a balance head and cable for rapid balance cycles controlled through the CNC/PLC interface, eliminating the need for operator interaction.


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